#Blogtober17 Catchup! Days 6,7,8&9

Well, I got a bit forgetful, or busy, or whatever other excuse I came up with at the time and missed a few days off this challenge! Determined not to give up, I’m doing a mass catch up…

Day 6 – Flowers

I don’t really buy flowers that often, and I’m not often bought flowers! However I’m a bit obsessed at the moment as my lovely Mom has recently become engaged! I have been asked to be ‘Maid of Honour’, with Issy being Flowergirl and Alfie being Ring Barer. We’re all super excited, the kids are obsessed with her partner and his three girls, already calling him Grandad and having fun calling the girls ‘Aunty’. The Pinterest board has begun and we are looking at Wildflower bunches and matching headdresses! For my wedding, we had dried wheat mixed with fake flowers in a burgundy. I still have my bouquet now and will keep it forever πŸ™‚

Let me know in the comments what your flowers were like, or what you’d like them to be like!

Day 7 – Goals

I’ve done many posts about my goals and dreams in life so I’m going to dedicate this one to my lovely husband, who is currently top goal scorer for his local football team! Okay, so it’s the start of the season and it’s only three goals, but we are all super proud of him, especially as he normally plays in defence!

Go Daddy!

Day 8 – Holidays

This year we went camping with two other families, we enjoyed it so much the first time, we went again! For our first trip we went to a commercialised holiday park, however the second time we went to a more low key campsite which was pretty much just a field! We much preferred the field, it was great to just BBQ, listen to music and play lots of funny board games. I also had a lot of fun with my face paints!

I’d love to go abroad soon, but with so many weddings happening next Summer, it looks like we’ll stick to camping until the year after.

Day 9 – Ice Cream!

Well, as you might have noticed from my logo…I’m a bit obsessed with ice cream! There’s nothing better than a big tub of Strawberry Cheesecake Haagan Dasz after a crappy day. Or after a good day!

Today I had my first post baby job interview, which was pretty nerve-wracking. I haven’t had an interview since I was around 18 so I was pretty clueless. I decided a few months back that it is finally time to return to the work life, it’s been over three years since I have had a ‘proper’ job and I’ve finally had enough of staying at home and just being ‘mum’. I want to do something for me, I want to be Jess, not “Issy/Alfie’s Mum”. So I started applying and got my first interview!

I Googled like mad and prepped myself on the ‘typical interview questions’ and it ended up being the complete opposite to what I expected! It was so casual, the interviewer and I had a great rapport and really clicked. So much so that I have a trial shift tomorrow evening!

Here I am treating myself to a celebratory ice cream after my interview.

Wish me luck for tomorrow when I’ll hopefully be eating another celebratory treat, or drowning my sorrows in a whole tub…either way, at least I get ice cream! πŸ˜‰

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