The ‘Rocking Motherhood’ Tag

the 'rocking motherhood' tag

The ‘Rocking Motherhood Tag’

So I was tagged by Sophie from Mama Mei to list a few things that make you a good mother – thank you Sophie!.

Most have been listing ten, because it’s a good round number. But really, I should have looked through the other posts before agreeing to be tagged, as I’m not particularly the most confident in my ‘mumming’ abilities right now!

However, I’m going to give it my best shot and start with the basics. #youareenough

  1. My children have a safe place to live and grow…we have worked really hard, and with the help of family, have bought our forever home. We hope our children will always have fantastic memories in their home 🙂
  2. They always have food in their bellies…I’d like to say I’m a good cook. The amount of times I’ve given my husband food poisoning can be counted on one hand, so that’s good? I’ve never poisoned the kids anyway! Sometimes they eat cereal for dinner, sometimes a full roast dinner. Food = happiness right?
  3. I give good cuddles…still feels a bit weird having a post just tooting my own horn, but hey, I give good cuddles! I find comfort in being tactile and like to give cuddles whenever possible, even when they aren’t particularly in the cuddly mood!
  4. I make sure we’re always out and about…I loathe to stay indoors so pride myself on always being somewhere exciting with the kids. Whether it’s a trip to the library, the soft play centreor the various baby and toddler groups in and around our local area. We keep busy!
  5. I’m making a change. Argh! So yeah. I cringe when people say it, but it is pretty good of me for being honest about all the crap going on in my life. I have been honest about my emotions from the beginning which has meant I’ve been able to receive the best care and support possible. I am going to get better, and my children will appreciate me all the more because of it.
  6. I’m also helping others. Along with my good friend, we’ve seen a need in our local area and filled it. I’ve met so many lovely people in the process of setting up our support group, and it truly fills my heart to know we’ve actually made a huge difference to other peoples lives. And we’ve done all this on top of looking after our own children, and continuing to work through our own struggles. Which is pretty awesome when you think about it.

Wow. Okay. So I’m going to stop at six before my head explodes. I’m actually blushing whilst writing this, it all feels a bit cringe but a bit lovely too! My therapist will certainly be pleased 😉

It seems everyone and their dog have already done this tag, so I’m not going to tag anyone. But if you haven’t been tagged yet…why not give it a shot?


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  1. I love reading these Rocking Motherhood tags because it’s so rare we actually shout about the stuff that we’re good at! Everyone needs a reminder now and again that they’re doing a good job, why are we so bad at doing it to ourselves! Sounds like you’re definitely rocking motherhood… and wifehood if you’ve not given him food poisoning that many times!

    1. Aha! I managed to cook a whole roast chicken on my own yesterday, and we’re all alive today!
      Definitely good to look back and remind yourself why you are doing a perfectly good job, it’s so much easier to think back to all the things that have gone wrong instead of what’s gone right! x

  2. I’m like you, I would struggle to list 10 things, and would cringe the whole time while writing it. I love a good tag, but havent volunteered for this one!! #youareenough

  3. One of the reasons I haven’t got involved in this is because I would have struggled to come up with stuff. I’m happy at the moment, but it is so hard to reflect and look at how you are doing. I’m always prone to self criticise.
    Well done for doing it. You are doing brilliantly

    1. Thank you!
      It’s definitely easier to point out the negatives than the positives! Why not give it a go? Even if you don’t post it. It’s quite therapeutic to write down your positives for once!

  4. I haven’t come across your blog before and I love it and the way you write. Going to pop over and like your Facebook now 😊