Turning #TearsIntoSmiles with Elastoplast

#TearsIntoSmiles with Elastoplast

Being a Mummy to two very confident little ones, I don’t think a day has gone by where we haven’t had some kind of bump, bruise or scrape.

For most of their little lives, I did what most breastfeeding mums do, and shoved booby in their face at the littlest cry. They were immediately ‘fixed’ and it saved me a headache. Now I am no longer breastfeeding,Β I am feeling a bit lost when it comes to resolving their life problems.

Since the move to our new home, we have been able to enjoy the outdoors even more thanks to our new garden. Unfortunately the garden was left in a bit of a state by the previous owners, so is now a jungle of thorns, brambles and stinging nettles. So far, this hasn’t stop the big one from exploring, playing football, hiding in the fantastic weeping willow den or climbing the few trees we decided not to chop down.Β Jungle garden brings a whole new set of injuries, the worst being nettle stings!

#TearsIntoSmiles with Elastoplast

Recently, the big one stuck her foot in a bush of stinging nettles. She was not happy. I finally found a dock leaf (aren’t they supposed to grow next to nettles?) but she was not convinced by their healing powers. Not even magical kisses seemed to do the trick! Desperate to shut upΒ calm my screaming toddler, I moved onto the next step – bribery.

I started with healthy choices (LOL)

Grapes – nope. Apple? Nope.

Onto junk food…

Crisps? Nuhuh. Pombears (obviously different to normal crisps) Nooo! Chocolate? NOOOO!

Jeeez, chocolate always works.

Then I had a brainwave…I remembered the plasters I had been sent by ElastoplastΒ for their #TearsIntoSmiles campaign.

We’ve never really used plasters before so I conjured up a little white lie. I told my daughter I had special Frozen stickers that would magically heal her nettle stings. Currently obsessed with Frozen, she bought it and was immediately cured. She happily paraded around showing off her special ‘Elsa sticker’ to anyone within a 50 mile radius. It stayed on for three days before it ‘disappeared’ in the bath.

#TearsIntoSmiles with Elastoplast
Choosing which ‘sticker’ was worthy for her nettle stings!


They’ve been used a few times since, like when the big one decided she wanted to “shave her legs like Mummy”, got my razor off a high shelf and sliced her finger. Or when she scraped her knee when jumping off something high I had obviously told her not to jump off multiple times. #bloodytoddlers

Luckily I haven’t had to make use of the super cool Star Wars ones…yet. However I have been told by a friends little boy that they are super awesome, so that’s cool.

#TearsIntoSmiles with Elastoplast

This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsintoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast.

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  1. Ah my son would love the Star Wars plasters, my daughter has moved on from frozen and it’s all about trolls and moans now. Glad the plasters helped! x

  2. Oh wow I wish I had these last week when I had been bitten to high hell. I hope these plasters are not just for children because I would love the star wars ones.


  3. Ah bless her stinging nettles are the worst though so I feel her pain. My daughters love fun plasters too they do such a good job at taking their minds off the graze to cheer them up xx